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Doc Popcorn at Willow Grove Park is the place to get the most delicious, naturally flavored popcorn in Willow Grove. Doc Popcorn offers a snack that is not only remarkably tasty, but also a healthier option by combining the freshest flavors with one of the most popular whole-grain snacks on the planet. Their fresh-popped, kettle-cooked popcorn comes in a variety of flavors. For lovers of the classics Doc Popcorn offers flavors like Better Butter, Salt ‘N’ Pepper, and Klassic Kettle.


For the more adventurous foodies, Doc Popcorn offers exotic and exciting flavor options like Hoppin’ Jalapeño, Honey BBQ, and their signature Denver Mix, which is made with snowy white kernels of Triple White Cheddar and Caramel Bliss popcorn. Doc Popcorn also offers catering services. From rolling in a Mobile PopCart to create their delicious flavors on-site to delivering an array of mouthwatering fresh-popped flavors to your door, they have lots of great options to celebrate and create smiles for your guests!

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